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When you need exceptional repairs, maintenance and servicing for your outboard motor, choose to work with nt powersports.

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The Experts in Outboard Motors 

BH Marine has been taken over by the owners of NT Powersports. We are proud to bring our expertise and passion to the business and are committed to delivering the best in outboard motor servicing to our clients. 


Our team are experts in working on outboard motors, and bring decades of experience to every job.

a man carries a Honda outboard by the water

Our Products

NT Powersports stocks a great range of tough and reliable Honda outboards and Oceanic trailers ensuring you have a great day out on the water. 

two men fishing from a Honda-powered fishing boat in the middle of blue water on a sunny day


NT Powersports has more than 20 years of experience in the servicing and maintenance of all major brands of outboard motors.

a Honda outboard powers a boat through calm waters on a sunny day

About us

NT Powersports is a family owned and operated marine dealer, and the only authorised marine dealer in the rural area of Darwin.  

About us

A Trusted Family Business 

Our new owners are a family with over 20 years of business ownership experience.

Our staff are experts who use the products they sell recreationally, meaning we really understand the equipment we use and how we can meet your needs.

We know that a great motor should deliver speed, performance and reliability, and at NT Powersports, we're dedicated to helping you achieve this. 

We Work With All Outboards 

NT Powersports has a broad range of expertise, meaning we work with all outboard motors.

In addition to servicing all makes and models of outboards, we also sell Honda outboards - meaning we cater to all needs. Our team operates across the NT, and we have experienced technicians who can travel to you for outboard maintenance and servicing.

When it comes to outboards, there's simply no better team to trust. 

Our Products

NT Powersports stocks a great range of tough and reliable Honda outboards and trailers as well as the accessories you need to have a great day out on
the water.

three honda outboards on boats

Honda Outboards

Honda is the largest and most trusted engine manufacturer in the world, which is
why we only stock Honda outboards. With a full 7-year warranty, Honda offers
unequalled reliability through proven engine components and technology.

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Aerial drone photo of luxury speed boat being taken out of water by trailer in tropical rocky marina

Boat Trailers

At NT Powersports we stock long lasting and low maintenance boat
trailers for your boat, car or jetski. We also offer a variety of trailer and vehicle

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To service or repair your outboard in the NT, call NT Powersports on 08 8947 0552

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