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NT Powersports is proud to be an Australian distributor of Polastorm Boat Propellors

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Our propellers

New to the market, these propellers have been manufactured and designed by a strong team of European and marine professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in marine technologies.


Our propellers have been manufactured using aerospace precision casting which gives them several advantages over traditional die and squeeze casting methods. This unique manufacturing process produces a high density and physically strong product, the result of which is an extremely durable and affordable propeller. NT Powersports offers both aluminium and stainless steel Polastorm Propellor options to suit your individual outboard needs.

Panadora props

Panadora Props are our aluminium range and are cast using a titanium-aluminium hybrid material, making them up to five times stronger than your average aluminium propeller.


Genesis Polastorm propellers are our stainless steel range made from heat treated ASTM A890-4A dulex stainless steel. These propellors have a tensile strength of up to 750 Mpa.  Polastorm propellers have excellent bow lift, acceleration and top speeds as well as reduced slip increased bite.


Both Pandora and Genesis propellers are:

  • powder coated robotically using AkoNobel patented anti-corrosive environmentally friendly powder
  • extremely anti-corrosive 
  • designed with OEM blade geometry, appropriate cupping and camber


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NT Powersports has more than 20 years of experience in the servicing and

maintenance of all major brands of outboard motors.

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NT Powersports  is a family owned and operated marine dealer, and the only authorised marine dealer in the rural area of Darwin.  

About us
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NT Powersports has you covered with professional outboard servicing and
maintenance and a great range of marine accessories and parts.

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